Bottled Water Green Alternatives

Choose Culligan. Save the planet. 

Enjoy the taste of high-quality drinking water while being mindful of the environment. Culligan offers several green alternatives to bottled water, which provide the same great taste with less environmental waste. Ditch the bottle – do your part to reduce non-biodegradable waste by drinking pure Culligan water at home, at the office, or on-the-go.

Americans purchase 28 billion single-serve water bottles each year – 86% of which end up in landfills. Choosing Culligan makes a big difference. With any one of these Culligan water solutions, you can do your part to reduce the 7,000 tons of bottles discarded every day.

Green Alternatives

reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

If everyone installed a Culligan reverse osmosis system, we’d eliminate the average 166 single-serve water bottles that the average American drinks each year. Plus, Culligan water systems are big money-savers for you. Compare the price of single-serve water bottles, which cost an average of $1.50 each, to an in-home reverse osmosis filtration system that costs pennies a glass and pays for itself in less than a year.

bottled water cooler

5-Gallon Water Coolers

Make your life easier with Culligan bottled water delivery to your home or office. One Culligan 5-gallon plastic bottle is equivalent to 37 single-serve bottles, and it’s reused up to 90 times before it’s recycled. Culligan bottled water coolers also provide a variety of temperature settings, including refreshing cold drinking water and hot water for making soups and teas.


Bottle-Free Water Coolers

Culligan® Bottle-Free Coolers are also available for your home or office. These point-of-use coolers provide a never-ending supply of quality drinking water, while eliminating bottle waste and delivery emissions. With no caps or bottles, you reduce waste, and you also save time and money. Our bottle-free coolers remove the hassle of scheduling deliveries and eliminate the expense of bottles and delivery service fees.

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